I'm a big fan of the Omniweb web browser. I've had some problems with it being a bit slow in the past, but that seems to have been fixed with the latest Nightly Builds. The latest build has brought in the same Webkit as used by Safari 4, so it's fast. Really fast.

Add that to all the features I like, and I'm a happy web browser. Things I miss when I'm not using Omniweb.

  • Vertical Tab Bar - I have a wide screen, and a lot of tabs open
  • Workspaces - I can put my house hunting links in one workspace, then keep them handy, but hide them while I work
  • Mac (?) font rendering. Something about Firefox's font just looks wrong
  • Built in ad-blocking. It's no Adblock Plus, but I don't mind seeing ads. It's just the flashing ones I hate
  • Location bar hides, shows when I hit Apple-L, then hides again. I don't know what I'm doing wrong on other browsers, but I can never get this to work reliably.
  • And heaps more...
It's a good browser. It's good enough I paid for it, but it's free now. Nice one OmniGroup.

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