I've been zsh lately. I get the feeling most shells have similar features, but somehow I stumbled across a good config file for this one. It's so good I think it is worth sharing.

Features that I like in zsh:

  • Standard aliases, reverse search, history work as normal
  • Typos in command names and directories are fixed automatically
  • Auto 'cd' if you just type the directory name.
  • Completion of command options (so the - and -- options!)
  • Copletion of rake task names. This might the same as above, but it's still handy.
  • Completion of remote paths over scp. It's a bit slow for regular use, but can be good if you've forgotten the name of one dir.

My zshrc is available here on github: http://github.com/bradx3/dotfiles/tree/master/.zshrc

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