These editors have been merged into the Aptana project. Please don't post any error reports here.

I did some very basic editors for Haml and Sass a while back. At the time I was interested in Haml. It's elegant to write, and the automatically formatted html it outputs just made it a match made in heaven.

Fast forward a few months and now I'm actually using Haml and Sass. It's as good as I ever hoped it would be. With Haml and a little bit of FormBuilder magic I'm making useful forms in four short lines. Too good.

Anyway coming with using it is the chance to see some shortcomings in my own editors, so I've spent a bit of time updating them. I've set up a proper Eclipse update site, so you can just add '' via the 'Help - Software Updates - Find and Install' menu option. That should help minimize a few errors with the various versions of Eclipse and RDT around. All references to the RadRails plugins have been removed. There was a bit of code that I pulled into my plugin, but with RadRails/Aptana in heavy dev it's easier for me to forget about trying to keep up for a while.

Also added is code folding. There's a bit of work still to do on this one. You can currently only fold top level elements. This can be a pain when you've got all your code in one file, but if you're using layouts and partial in a sensible way it should hopefully be of some use.

One thing I found a bit tricky was figuring out which element I was under when I was editing. Some people might like turning on space markers (can you actually do that in Eclipse?), but I figured a character matcher would do the trick. So now as you move around in the editors there'll be a blue box around the element you are currently in. At the moment it just highlights the first letter of the element. I'm going to see if I can get the whole element happening for the next release.

So I hope it works well for people. Set up an Eclipse update site of '' and that should keep you informed as new versions come out.

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